About Trillion VC

Trillion Venture Capital

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with many decades of experience in business, technology, finance, real estate and government compliance. Driven by the power of the brilliant minds developing the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. 

We are looking forward to partner with exceptional founders with unique insights and help them to transform their ventures into successful blockchain companies.

Global Management

Our global network across continents is probably our biggest added value. Our  business experiences in the most important economies in the world  give us the ability to understand and recognize different cultures that help us to approach scalability from a broader angle.

Our group is used to dealing with public and private sector leaders and this is key to pursue different markets in different continents.

What are we looking for?

We partner with bold, fast moving blockchain entrepreneurs that think big and are committed to their venture.

Let us know if your blockchain project could disrupt an industry and make our lives better. 

If you feel this way. You belong here. We will  treat you with respect, integrity and humanity. Always sincere and transparent. We bring much more than capital  to the table. 


Blockchain brings the ability to decentralize power from existing authorities through the use of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and asset ownership. This shift will change current businesses and economic and social paradigms. Transaction costs and barriers to entry will be reduced in various industries. The result will likely lead to an increase in economic exchange and prosperity. 

We believe

Greatness doesn't have a stereotype. We appreciate the originality of entrepreneurs and quickly focus our energies to develop their strengths. We take pride in guiding these founders through the difficult process of growing their seeds into real financially sustainable companies.

Our goal is that founders and team members become successful and stable in every aspect of their lives. 

Why Trillion?

Above seed and series A capital, we provide blockchain entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights in innovation, executive and technical talent, market intelligence, policy and global regulatory affairs, business development, marketing and brand-building. 

Our ERC20 trillion token gives liquidity to our fund and investors dont need to freeze their capital for a predetermined period of time as a traditional VC does. 

Trillion VC token


We share the same concerns about fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing and/or any other form of criminal activity that can take advantage of blockchain technology.

Trillion venture capital token is fully regulated as a security token in every jurisdiction. We work with government entities because we like transparency and consider this an important core value.


 At a time when we face division across political, socio economic and racial lines, blockchain technology has the potential to become a great equaliser. It supersedes national borders, language, race and even bias. While there has been rapid growth along with much curiosity and hype, what economists and technologists both concede, is that the most successful blockchain ventures will be those that offer a true utility, where a community exchanges authentic value. 


Our blockchain capital venture capital token approach aims for excessive returns from a market that was locked for years for the benefit of a few.

All of the sudden these returns become liquid through smart asset tokenization and available for the masses.

Trillion investors are free to trade their tokens from day one (subject to regulatory requirements), as opposed to the effective lock-up of many years that is imposed on investors in almost all traditional VCs. 

What do we have in mind in terms of return goals? We believe that choosing right plus working hard and effectively  could take us to 10x.

Trillion VC Investments

Investment Approach

Trillion VC invests in blockchain related ventures. In between Seed and series A rounds.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team and unique network give us the ability to have access to deals in different industries across all continents.

We have an open mandate that allows us to evaluate investments opportunities purely from a risk / return perspective as opposed to whether it fits a strategy, timeline, or industry.

Our team of experts conduct a typical venture capital due diligence procedure. Our investors invest where we invest and are entitled to the full revenues of future exits of our investments.

Trillion management team  is just here to help and serve our partners and investors.

 We will help our partners to implement longer term company´s objectives and key results (OKR) by focusing on measurable and meaningful contributions.

Trillion Token TBA soon

Blockchain Venture Capital for the 21st Century


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