Carlos A. Cuevas Olivar

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Miguel A. Gamiño

Co-Founder, Advisor

Xavier Foz

Blockchain & DLT Legal Counsel 

Guillermo Souto Zirovnik

 VP Business Development 

Ben Arnon

General Partner

Justin Cheng

Venture Partner

Mateusz Mach

Venture Partner


Arun Sundararajan

 Professor of Business, New York University & author, " The Sharing Economy"

Dr. Jorge Planas

Top Doctor award 2017.

Firm believer in the important role of all the new emerging technologies that will help improve the quality of life of people in our society. 

Estanis Martin De Nicolas

 Ecommerce, marketplaces and digital payments expert with over 13 years of  working at eBay UK, PayPal UK, PayPal Spain, StubHub and  Schibsted  Spain.